Educational Support

Through supporting educators and schools, we support our community.

GVHH is in the process of integrating educational support work as part of our community outreach through services that include teacher support groups, teacher counseling, and mentoring school campus administrators and teachers on using SEL (social emotional learning) and Mindfulness in the Classroom as the campus and classroom foundation of intentional teaching and student-centered learning.

To this end, our founding therapist, Mary, combines her training in mental health with 26 years of experience in education to guide her work. The experience that she brings to this initiative includes working as an independent consultant with Texas Education Service Centers and charter and independent school districts as a presenter and facilitator of workshops designed to help raise awareness around the Social Emotional Learning (SEL) needs of all students, including students with specific learning and mental health needs, as well as students from diverse cultural backgrounds, underserved populations, and those who are "double labeled" as intellectually gifted but also struggle with a learning or mental health challenge.

Through this work with teachers, counselors and school administrators, she fosters not only awareness but also provides training in hands-on campus and classroom frameworks and strategies that address and improve student's ability to access their executive function potential, which simultaneously supports social emotional wellness through student-centered learning.

As an educator in the public school system, Mary spent 18 years as a classroom teacher and 6 years as a district administrator, working with campus administration and teachers to strengthen their gifted and advanced programs.

Another aspect of experience that forms this foundation of this work is Mary's work in the school setting as both a psychological services counselor and as part of a Yoga and Mindfulness in School initiative. She has also worked with underserved populations in a wrap around counseling setting, including work with children from homes experiencing mental health and/or socio-economic distress and helping adults transition from prison and addiction back into society.

GVHH wants to expand this educational support work throughout South and Central Texas in order to serve more students and their families through school support.

Mary's specific training as an educator and therapist include:

Gifted and Talented Education (Texas Gifted Education Supplemental Certification, TAGT communication liaison)

International Baccalaureate/IBWorld/Florida League of IB Schools- Theory of Knowledge) College Board - Administrator of Advanced Placement Programs

Management of Children and Adolescents with Emotional and Behavioral Problems (HSC), Curriculum Management-School District Audits (Level I, II)

At-Risk High School Educator

Coaching for Results (Levels I and II)

American Red Cross International Humanitarian Law (Certified facilitator of training)

Crucial Conversations (Levels I, II)

Mindfulness in Clinical Practice (NICAMB)

Mindfulness in the Classroom (Calm Classroom, Concrete Yoga)

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR - level 1)

Compassionate Integrity Training (Part of San Antonio Mayor Ron Nurinberg's Compassionate San Antonio initiative)

TFBT - Trauma Focused Behavioral Therapy

PCIT - Parent Child Interactive Therapy

Youth Mental Health First Aid (trainer level)

Seeking Safety (Trauma and SUbstance Abuse treatment model)

SibShops (facilitator level)

Yoga for Wellness (Certified instructor)

Yoga for children (Kidding Around Yoga - OKAY yoga)

Yoga for children with special needs (Louise Goldberg/Learning and the Brain)

Yoga for family support for families with children with unique neurological, mental health, or learning needs (Masters-level review of literature and research)

Play Therapy for Military Dependents

Acceptance, Commitment Therapy (ACT)

Applied Behavioral Analysis for Autism ABA) - Registered Behavior Therapist (RBT) (training - UTSA, 2017)